A Change of Scenery

After time at work we decided to go away for a few days to give ourselves a change of scenery and a break. We booked some real nice hotels we liked the look of. We stayed in Surrey, London and Windsor. During our stop overs I was dragged around Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Windsor Castle and a couple of boat trips up and down the Thames. All were very good except Kensington Palace which I thought was a complete rip off. In fact I would say my Man Cave was more luxurious with the Mustang posters about the place than the dodgy postcards they were flogging in there. The London hotel was brilliant and I couldn’t ask for more. I was especially pleased with the breakfast for some reason; I could have what ever I wanted and however much I wanted, I got my monies worth. I was such a good boy that I surprised myself being dragged around the shops, in the hot sun not moaning and just carrying what ever was bought. It was like a camel in the desert, I got bought drinks and ice creams most of the day and I carried on humpin’ the bags about as normal again. I have taken lots of photos and thought I would post a few on here to see what people think. I’m no photographer but I like to take pictures, hopefully they look OK. And yes, I am ashamed to say that I did look like a tourist in my own capital city. *shakes head slowly*

I have been busy doing bits on the car, like finishing the wire wrapping with tape, sanding the valance etc. I have also paid a visit to Mustang Maniac to get more Gibbs Brand Lubricant and smaller bits for the car. There will be a review of the Gibbs Brand Lubricant soon, trust me you really do want to try this stuff inside the home too. I have every intention to replace the car door hinges this week, but I will have to see how it goes as I have a few jobs lined up for me from the wife, like finish the tiling in the downstairs cloakroom, finish some painting in the utility room, finish the flower beds I started etc. Notice a pattern here?  It’s funny because I don’t leave half a job on the car unfinished. But as my darling wife puts up with a lot from me I don’t mind doing a few jobs I started a couple of years ago, as long as it don’t interfere with Marts Mustang time that is. It may be a coincidence that unfinished jobs started at around the same time I got my Mustang.

I have been busy making another home-made tool, this time it’s a headlight spring tool. To hold the headlight bucket in place there is a fairly strong spring that has to be pulled to the bucket to hold the bulb in place. I have seen pictures of this tool but I have not managed to buy one. So I thought I would make one, this was pretty simple to be honest as it was a thin flat head screw driver I heated up and bent the tip over in stages with my blow lamp. I think it looks quite good! I bet the company didn’t know they now make specialist Ford Mustang tools as well!

I have added the review for the Sealey VS402 Vacuum Brake Bleeding Kit under the Review Menu – Tools, as I have had a few looks at the page under construction, so I thought I better finish it off!

Quick Links:

Home made Headlight Spring Tool – click here

Sealey VS402 v2 Vacuum Brake Bleeding and Testing Kit – click here

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Antiques and the car

A new sideline hobby?

Thursday evening after work was a great evening but also a sad evening. A work colleague who I have worked with for just over a year and a half has moved onto pastures new within the company. As a team we have grown very close and formed some great friendships. I was sad to see him go but I wish him well in his new job. Craig has gone to our IT department, I reckon he will be doing password resets, although will be in denial. lol. During our evening with excessive amounts of alcohol we played a prank and filled his pockets up with thousands of hole punch centres. After a few beers they were being thrown around all over the place. Two days later we are still picking these little circles up, they are in the bedroom, the kitchen, the shed in fact you name it they are there. They are so annoying,  I just don’t know how they spread about so much. In fact it was like indoor snow at one point!

This weekend I have been collared into doing painting for the mother-in-laws bedroom for her. It’s quite a large bedroom and I started with ceiling, walls and the satin white on the woodwork. I hate painting with a vengeance,  it just does my head in. But at the same time I love the results of the finished room. I call it a little payback for getting the wife out late to pick me up after my little night out, and having to clean up the home-made confetti after I made such a lousy job of it. Brownie points were scored again as the room does look good, even if I do say so myself, which I do! What I do want to know is, why has Easter become the DIY weekend of the year, and who is responsible for starting the idea? I need to have words with him to stop these little brain storms, the result has seriouly damaged my precious Mustang time.

Saturday I was taken out for a lunch to a great farm where they do some great food, all local grown produce, and all the meat has previously been walking the grounds. The food was gorgeous and I had the best burger and home-made chips ever. On the way home I was taken to an antiques dealers, there are about three in one area under a roof near this farm estate. My new little hobby has been sparked by my recent post of Mustang ads. I am after some old metal garage signs to decorate my own little garage. I am not wanting to pay big bucks just the usual muscle car era stuff, Castrol Gtx, Michelin, Shell in fact pretty much anything automotive. The signs seem to be hard to come by, I don’t care if they are a little rusty as it will add to the character of the sign. Nostalgic look to go with the classic muscle car, am I being daft or should I forget the idea? I have no intention of spending all my money on the signs when I have so much stuff I need to do on my car, but if I see a nice little sign I will pick it up.

I will continue with my car work tomorrow, I expect I will finish of spraying some little bits and pieces and finish fitting the pipes to the brake booster. I have some pictures to follow soon. Hope you had a great Easter, and not gone to mental with the calories!


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