Mother’s Day and Shoes

Unexpected day out.

Yesterday I was expecting to go out to the man cave to do some brake work and complete the rebuild of the brake drums. I was greeted with the usual smile and the devastating news everyman dreads, “We need to go shopping”. A shiver ran down my spine and deep down I knew it was going to be a bad day. After breakfast we got our coats and set off for the town, and there it was, traffic queuing for car parks. To top it all off it now started to rain. We eventually parked up and I was told we need to go to… The list was like an army itinerary to move base camp! I trundled along doing the dutiful husband thing. We got into Marks & Spencer and it seemed the whole world was in there having the same thoughts as we were. I noticed other men being told off and carrying baskets just like me, I smiled as I hadn’t been told off. There were men looking at flowers and one bloke in particular moaning about the price of the flowers, I assumed he was being a tight with the money. When I saw the prices I started moaning about the price of the flowers as well, open wallet surgery was not what I had in mind for Mother’s Day. A mutual conversation was struck up with a fellow husband who was in the dog house with his wife. We discussed the rip off state of the so-called “Days”. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, Christmas, Easter they are all so commercial now it’s as if the card manufacturers create the “Days” to make extra money. I expect there will be a “Cut the grass day”, you will be expected to by a new lawn mower, deck chair, patio heater, BBQ and drinks chiller, all these things are essential as it’s what expected for this new day. Once upon a time it was a little card and flowers, now it’s chocolates, flowers, cakes, gifts, clothes and all sorts of other stuff, it never used to be like this. Is it just me or am I in a bad mood and it seems worse than it really is? I eventually caught up with the wife and she was looking at shoes, then I was in the no win situation no man has ever got right; “What do you think of these?” holding up a pair of shoes. Now I could answer that with “Yeah they are nice” or “Nope, I don’t like them”, Either answer would normally be greeted with “your just saying that” or “why what’s wrong with them?” Stupidly without thinking and being in my default car repair mode to keep me sane, I responded with, “They’re not as nice s my brake shoes I could be doing on the car”. I spent the next few minutes explaining it was a joke and I was sorry etc. Waiting to pay in a queue I was asked “Do you want anything?” which was referring to the Mother’s day dinner desert being planned. A lovely question and thoughtful, but my second poorly thought out response of “yep, I wanna go home” was not the right or indeed the correct answer. Like the guy I was speaking to previously, I too was now in the dog house. Apparently two “I was only joking” remarks doesn’t wash with my better half. To be honest, I can’t say I blame her.

Later that day when I got home I went out to my man cave (kennel), and re-assembled my brakes on the newly refurbished baking plates. You can see the final Part 3  of what they looked like by clicking here, or going to the Photos Menu, Wheels and Brakes, Front Brake Drum Rebuild Part 3.

I woke this morning to a light flurry of snow adding to the light sprinkle we already had last night. The wife went to see her mum for a cup of tea and it was time for me to play cars. My alter personality, Michelin man made another appearance due to the application of 4 layers of clothing, then I was ready. Originally I wanted to sort out under the hood with my new Eastwood Underhood Satin Black Paint, but as the cold weather put a the stop on that, a rapid change of plan to put the newly rebuilt brakes back onto the car. They went on with no trouble and looked great. Putting the wheel back on you can’t see the drum that well, but, I know it looks good and that’s all that matters. Whats the point when you can’t see it, I don’t know, but I just wanted to do it. Is that me being weird on does anybody else do that sort of thing?  I now have the left hand side drum to de-rust and spray up with VHT Caliper paint. Which I have already started today and hopefully finish of next weekend.

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More Fender work and another book review

Today was cold, wet and miserable. So that could only mean one thing!

Playtime in the man cave and work on the car fender. I wrapped up warm, two tee-shirts, one jumper, one fleece and one old work coat. Ok I was warm but I looked like the Michelin man! I managed to knock off the old cracked underseal on the wing, and use the drill with a wire brush attachment to remove the loose and flaky bits. The old bits of road tar came of in no time. I had fun and games trying to remove the aerial though. The previous owner had tried to remove the damaged ariel and had rounded of the screw head! cheers for that. So I had to drill the centre out to get it out. Still, out now and the prep work has been done. Tomorrow I will put the first coat of the POR15 on with any luck.

I have added another book review “Mustang 1964 1/2 – 1973 Restoration Guide”, not really a book, but more of a collection of exploded diagrams. It’s an awesome manual and one of my favorite reference guides to see what went exactly where. Go to the link button or click here.

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