Great Day Not So Great Cars

For a change I attended a car show on a Saturday and not a Sunday, which was quite a novel change. The show was called ‘Fast & Loud’ to be held in the West Suffolk College car parks, located within the town of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

I had been to this show once before a few years ago and it was damp and drizzling with rain on and off throughout the day. This time at the same venue, the sun was out and all was good to go, except that my alarm didn’t go off. The only reason I woke up was because my little dog decided that he wanted to go out, so he pawed my face to wake up. I checked the time and although I was late, it was only half hour or so behind my normal leaving time schedule. I skipped breakfast to save some time and got the car out the garage as quick as possible, jumped in the car for the short nine mile drive.

The show officially started at ten and I had thirty minutes to get there. Fearing the worst, I got a bit of pace on, opened the four barrel carb to chew my way through more fuel than I normally do. I needn’t have worried as everybody was pretty much in the show and parked up for the public to view. I just drove up to the barriers and drove in, not having to wait in the usual queue carnage for this show. (It was a bad queue again so I was told a couple of hours earlier.)

The Bury Retro Car Club was near the entrance as I drove in. But for the second show in a row they didn’t get all the spaces they were allocated, so a few of us were scattered around the car park a bit. I got lucky and managed to park opposite the club line up where there was a single space next to a GT40. Unfortunately the GT40 wasn’t a real one, this one was constructed in 1973 and the owner has raced it quite a few times. He even crashed it quite heavily a couple of years on a track and needed the front and rear rebuilding.

I worked my way round the car park taking pictures of the cars that interested me in amongst the two or three year old daily run around cars.

There was a rare new gen Mustang Mach1 in the UK on show owned by a good friend of mine.

Then almost next to it was a car that I had on my bedroom wall as kid, It’s still one of my favourite super cars, the Lambo Diablo.

As I was wandering around at the far end of the car park a car arrived a bit late which was very similar to mine. The father and son spent some time with me a little later asking some great questions. The colour was a very similar colour to mine, but a little darker than mine I think. It would have been good to have seen them side by side for a comparison.

There was a motorsport department within the college and they had their projects out on show for us.

One of my favourite modern cars was also on show which was not so subtle, but it’s quick and more than able to back up the looks.

There was a distinct split in this show, there was the usual classic cars and interesting cars which I naturally gravitate towards. Then there’s my idea of hell, it was the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Corsa and BMW brigade who had big exhausts and even louder sound systems. The sort of cars that you can see in any Tesco’s or Walmart car parks. to be honest. There was nothing particularly special about them in my mind, but I could see some had money spent on them. However, they are somebody’s pride and joy and not for me to judge their taste in cars. The event was called ‘Fast & Loud’ so pretty much all types of vehicles was welcome. Some were loud, some are indeed fast, but most this side were neither. The show had a few people starting up their cars and trying to see if they could push pistons out of the hood from a cold start, or pumping out some bass lines. Not my bag to be honest and I doubt I will attend this show again. I think I must be getting old and should be a little more tolerant I guess.

To finish up a couple more of my entry to the show, the first one was taken by somebody else who tagged me on the dreaded F**ebook.

What will the next show have in store for me? All I can hope for is that the sun holds out for the next show too. But, it’s been a great start to the show season so far with two sunny days.

What do you think of the very standard modern cars at these shows? Controversial comment: in my opinion, if I wanted to see those sort of cars I could hang out superstore car park.

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Double Wash Out (part 1)

Last weekend sees the start of the car show season for me with a double show weekend. Starting on the Saturday was the Fast & Loud show held at the West Suffolk College. Sunday was the Stonham Barns Spring break.

Saturday was looking to be a good day with a chance of rain. As I was itching to get to a show I thought I would risk it, when I left it was overcast, but importantly still not raining. I left early to be there before nine and I arrived some fifteen minutes later. No sooner had I pulled into the car park it started to spit with rain. Baring in mind I had just had a Day in the Bay at Meguiar’s I was not happy. The show was to be for four hours ten till two so my car wouldn’t be exposed to the rain. I meet with my car club Bury Retro Car Club and parked next to their allocated spaces which just happened to be under a tree. Reluctantly I parked up.

Shortly after parking a huge Chrysler 300 pulled in next to me. Now I thought my car was long, but just look at the extra length on this land barge! That is a seriously big car and it sounded amazing too.

This car show was catering for the younger cars and mainly Japanese car scene with wheel cambers that looked like the suspension was collapsing and exhausts the size of my wheelie bin (garbage can for my American readers) that I put out each week. There was a period of around fifteen minutes where they started the cars up and revved them hard to see who could make the most noise, with over run back fires added for the final touch of aggravation on progressively worsening rain cloud.

The funny part was that the Chrysler 300 was louder on tick over than the cars trying to be loud. Not that I was laughing, much. However, I can appreciate the time and effort they had put into their cars, although it’s not my scene at all. The rain started to hammer down now and I was getting rather angry and wet to say the least, my car had been looking the cleanest it had ever been, now it was the dirtiest within same time it took the loud scene to finish their little audio scores to be settled.

Leaves and tree sap were now trying to eat their way through my multiple layers of wax, this was now starting to give me the hump. I started a little walk around to look at the other cars before I decided to leave early from the show. The fast fords was fairly well represented and well-behaved I might add, and they were at the other end of he car park.

You don’t often get to see the Ford Capri now days, but here we had three line up together. These UK Mustangs, did look pretty cool and I think they were my favourites for the day.

On the way back to my car I spotted some visitors which the kids seemed to love;

Just as I was thinking of leaving the big Chrysler was leaving too, but he decided to leave his mark, literally.

Pretty spectacular leaving statement I must say. 👍😉

The rain also did me a bit of a favour as I have just reviewed a couple of products and the water would help me test the resilience of these newly applied products.

The first being the Mirror Bright Wax Paste which can be found here, or cut and paste the link;

The second was my first tentative steps into ceramic coatings, this was from Auto Finesse for the Caramic range for glass, which can be found here, or just click the link;

Then finally Auto Finesse product Iron Out which can be found here, or again paste the link;

After arriving back home I pulled straight into the garage and put my dehumidifier on dry while I started to dry and clean the car again ready for the next days antics. It took me two hours in total, which included the wheels.

First car show was a wash out, surely it had to her better?

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