Hello world!

Welcome to the inner sanctum within my own little world that revolves around a 1966 Ford Mustang v8 289 Coupe Auto.

This is my first attempt at writing a blog, a written and pictorial history of my project Pony car.

My aim is to give you an update on how things have gone, and what needs to be done. Like all these things it all depends on the money. The restoration is on a budget, and yes, that budget was breached months ago. The car is not in a road worthy condition. It looks a bit of a mess at the moment. But look past the various colours of paint and the missing bits and you will share my vision; she will be Epic.

I plan on writing about my experiences: things I have bought, and things I have found out. I want to write a review of the products, tools and anything I can think of that may help others. This site is for the enthusiast, those who are thinking of doing it and those who are just curious.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts, things you would like and things you would rather not see. This is a learning process for me just as much as the car is itself.

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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Seriously? The fact you could park my car on its bonnet is bad enough without you having to blog about it

  2. You do realize mustang is ford……..fix or repair daily….loving life from mark James Avery the one and only, bigging up Honda 🙂

    At this rate it will be one man and his mustang as don’t think u will have a wife left by the time your done 🙂

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