Pond life…

Lets just say I am a little hacked off. Why?

It’s simple, a few days ago I started a sister blog on Tumblr, I posted a little while ago the link to it. That blog has now been deleted. The fact that some loser with an IQ the same as his shoe size posted garbage on it, has not installed any faith in that blog. Perhaps I should have waited. But, it was gonna happen it would be my blog. I trust that the said individual doesn’t damage their laptop by spilling their baby formula milk all over it, obviously the baby milk is there to help them grow up. Perhaps the laws of evolution hasn’t filtered down to that part of the pond life! Sorry to mess you all about, but I was trying to help the request I had to post on Tumblr. Next time I must research more.

Enough of me moaning about the single-celled plankton that seems to have mastered a keyboard, tomorrow is Friday, that means I need to think about tasks for the car over the weekend. Brake booster out or start on the front valance? Difficult choices, maybe I will get that pesky slow puncture off.

Now I have calmed down a bit its off to bed!

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