Ford Capri our UK Mustang?

Comparison Of  the Ford Mustang and the Ford Capri

The history of the Ford Mustang is well-known, and I have a few articles on this blog about the years and specifications. During a recent walk around the Classic car show I was taking some photos and spotted a similarity or two with the Mustang and Capri around the 1968 mark. The Capri was finished for a special preview in Bonn, Germany on 21 January 1969 and went on for a press release on 24 January at the Brussels motor show. The car was on the forecourts 5 February 1969. Was this car destined to be the UK Ford Mustang? I have been trying to find details of the designer but not much luck so far does anybody have any information I can add to my Article?

Ford Capri was a name used by the Ford Motor Company for three different models. The Ford Consul Capri coupé was produced by Ford of Britain between 1961 and 1964. The Ford Capri coupé was produced by Ford of Europe from 1969 to 1986. The Ford/Mercury Capri convertible was produced by the Ford Motor Company of Australia from 1989 to 1994.

The Capri name was also used by Ford’s Lincoln-Mercury Division on six different models which did not bear the Ford name. The Lincoln Cosmopolitan Capri from 1950 to 1951; the Lincoln Capri from 1952 to 1959; the Mercury Comet Capri in 1966–1967; and three different generations of Mercury Capris from 1970 to 1994.

I have created an Article for the Capri History and the Mustang comparison under the Articles section of click here for the quick link which was compiled from various web pages.

Anybody seen these side vents before? The center line running down the side of the car? Shape of the back section, replace the upper side vents with glass?

The wheels being different on the Mustang as a 5 Lug design and the Capri 4 Lug design, but they look pretty similar at a glance. The Capri front wing or Fender badge is in the same location as the Mustangs too.

Am I imagining this or is there a definite link or coincidence? I can’t track anything connecting the Mustang and the Capri from Ford. Who designed the Capri was he on the Mustang projects as well?

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4 thoughts on “Ford Capri our UK Mustang?

  1. well, I have no idea , all i can tell, have a look of new ford, i mean focus has similarities with fiesta, we can find some at mondeo, kuga and they built ford transit…with some of them…It could be an identity of a brand or …if one had success, Ford..extented, which isn’t a very good from my humble opinion. But Mustang is Mustang, let’s hope stays like that 🙂

    1. Hi Dana,
      I am with you 100%, a Mustang is a Mustang but the comparison just crossed my mind. The capri had its following of course but doesn’t come close to the American Classic.
      Thanks for the comment.

    1. Hi,
      I’m glad it’s not just me that thought that it looked similar. It’s interesting and I don’t blame Ford for trying to cash in on a winning formula though. I wonder if Ford UK were in touch with Ford USA to help design the Capri.

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