Weekend Away

This weekend was a bank Holiday in the UK and over those three days Enfield Pageant of Motoring took place. Mustang Maniac had decided that my car would be included in their line up this year. I am so excited about that I can’t tell you. Earlier in the week Yogi had fixed the transmission lever in place and connected it to the auto gear box. The result of which is that the car is now officially a driver. The brakes were bleed, the C4 transmission was topped up, the rear axle was topped up. The car now moves on it’s own and stops on its own. I have a video of the car moving for the first time from the garage. I will post the video up as soon as I can on my YouTube channel.

The cars that Mustang Maniac had taken were their KR GT 500 and an A code 65 Which were on a two tiered truck. My car was on the same truck that orginally took her to Mustang Maniac, the drive on drive off flat back. My car had no seats and time was short to try and fit some on a temporary basis. Yogi fitted the gear lever and linkages and finally fitted the pipework to the vacuum. The transmission was topped up, the steering was topped up, the axle was filled and engine was given the once over. I arrived early on Saturday morning and the guys were setting up the pitch. The large LED screen in the their large RV was showing the progress of my car from start, to the story so far. Adam was waiting to get her of the flat bed so I could see her, I was given the keys. Believe it or not I gave them back to him. 

Why did I give them back? It’s simple, I’m unfamilier with the car, it had no seats, it was on a tipped up flat bed. If I got it wrong I could have damaged the car, just for the sake of a few weeks I left it to the professionals drive it off. But as a secret, just between us – there were people watching and I didn’t want to look stupid and let the guys down. But, I do have a video of the car being moved in public for the first time and again I will post it on my YouTube channel this week. When the car started up there was a little cloud gathered to see what all the noise was about. Adam rolled her out and reversed her into the line of other cars ready for the public to look at them.


The other guys Who I have gotten to know very well started to arrive and also parked up. Paul arrived to give the cars a quick valet in the mornings to keep them looking immaculate. Of course who is going to say no to a freshly valeted car? It was quite funny to see Adam and John sit on the floor pan of the car turning a steering wheel on a stick, with just a head on show.

I was at the Enfield Pageant Saturday and Sunday helping the guys, answering questions about my car and trying to answer questions about the other cars they had there too. I was in my element, just talking cars all day. My time was just a little payback to the guys for their hard work on my car so far. As I forgot to take my Mustang Maniac shirt, I managed to blag another from Adam. I must say that I got a real buzz out of people looking at my car, many great comments on the paint job and the attention to detail. I stood next to a couple of blokes who were saying that they wanted one just like this, I felt quite privileged to be a part of the elite few that own these cars. I’m a lucky man. The crowds during the days I was there with were all very nice, and to see the look on the little kids faces when they see their favourite cars is a real thrill, I even gave a few of Adam’s key rings away to them. Hopefully it made their day just that little bit more special. Thinking about it, for a load of cars that was around forty years before they were born and yet they still recognise and know the name “Shelby”. Not bad for an old Ford.

During the days there was a little rain so out came the cover for my car. After all the last thing they want is for a car full of water, that would be an expensive puddle to fix.

Such a great weekend and I have really done the weekend justice. But I will promise to upload the videos as soon as I can. Forgive my short post, but I haven’t had time.

I would like to thank, Adam, John, Yogi, Lance, Paul (Lob Monster), Paul the painter, Ian, Spence, Martin, and a Paul the valet.


A truely great weekend.







About One man and his Mustang

I'm just a man with a Classic 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe and an ever increasing collection of car detailing products to keep it clean. When I first started this blog this is what I wrote: "I had bought a project car that had been neglected, set fire to, rusted and abused. As a result of all that the car needed a bare metal strip down, a nut and bolt restoration." Four and a half years later the car was completed, on the road and shown at the UK's premier Classic Car Show, everything that was done to that car is documented here. I now have the privilege to drive one of America's most recognised cars and a true Icon, the Ford Mustang. I'm still sane after the blood, sweat and tears, so would I do it again? Oh yes!
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11 Responses to Weekend Away

  1. Great looking mustang!! I really want a mustang! Check out my post Cougar Town. It’s all about mercury cougar.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, still a way to go yet but the light at the end of the tunnel is a small spec and not total darkness. 🙂


  3. Ian says:

    Was a great weekend and nice to see ‘one man and his mustang’ in the flesh. Going to be a stunner Martin.



  4. Very nice! Looks like it was fun.


  5. Looking really good!


  6. storyad says:

    So cool getting to see your car out at a show! I would have handed the keys over too…

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