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On my last post I mentioned that I had a couple of videos to be created and uploaded. The good news is that they are now on my YouTube channel to be viewed as well. I couldn’t wait to do them.

A quick note to point out here,  the carburetor was set up at idle and will run all day long like that. But, when the transmission puts the carb under load it will need a few more tweaks for choke, mixtures and float bowls etc. to become more stable. Hence the car sometimes cuts out when cold while engaging a drive gear. It’s an easily sorted out problem of course, but the car will need a few miles under its belt first before those small final adjustments are made once things settle down.

Turn up the volume & enjoy 🙂

The Workshop Move:

The first is of the car being moved for the first from the workshop under her own power. This video was kindly taken by Yogi at Mustang Maniac on Thursday 21st May 2015. The car had all the fluids checked and topped up before attempting to engage the drive from the transmission. The car was lifted off the ground on the ramps and the drive gearing selected for the transmission without load and given some gas to change gears. With the transmission and drive shafts looking OK, it could be stopped and lowered back to the floor. The car was then started up and driven out of the workshop ready to be loaded onto the truck to take her to a show.


The video can also be found on YouTube by clicking here,

First Public Showing:

With the best 2:30 sound track!


Enfield Pageant 21 – 23 May 2015 my car makes its first appearance to the public. The car still has no glass at this point so had to be covered at night and during any weather problems. The car starts fine from cold of course but needs a warm up for the transmission fluids too. This video has a nice extended soundtrack to hear the exhaust note on grass which tends to dull the sound a little. You can hear the difference when the car starts on the flat-bed and when it starts on the grass. If you look in the background you can see some people starting to gather around the car while Adam warms her up.

The video can also be found on YouTube by clicking here,

My main channel with all the videos so far can be found by clicking on the Logo below:

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12 thoughts on “Videos & A Great Soundtrack

      1. True but it must be such a huge morale boost to have the engine running and to have the car drivable. Colour looks stunning in the video too 🙂

  1. She looks gorgeous even is almost commando ;). The way she sounds is unmistakeable. I reckon i was carried away too, but she sounds like a Mustang… Stunning!

    1. Hi Dana, thank you for the kind words and inspirational thoughts. I see what you mean being commando, very good. 🙂 The sound is so important to me, like you say it has to sound like a Mustang too. With any luck we should start putting the glass in soon. I get more excited each week.

      1. I definitely believe you are anxious to see its improvements, Mart.

        I’ve learned that expresion from my niece who was 5 back in then. 🙂 Very cute from her to say so. She’s something else as your mustang, (wink)

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