The car show season is almost upon us now and I must admit that I’m suffering from PMS, that’s ‘Parked Mustang Syndrome’. I would like to take credit for that, but I can’t as I had seen it on a Meme and thought I would reuse it.

Over the last couple of years a source of frustration trying to find car shows and what needs to be done to get into them. It used to be a case of turn up on the day, show your car and talk to lots of lovely like-minded people. Now to get in the shows – you have to fill in forms, pay upfront, provide your insurance details and sign all sorts of stuff to say you won’t leave before a given time etc. Is it just me or have things gotten very busy? I have booked three car shows so far that are local to me and particular favourites of mine. I have a list of a few more that I want to attend so I hope I can get into them.

I have one booking which I am looking forward to very much and has taken a few emails to arrange, however it’s not a car show as such, but obviously will revolve around my car. The booking will be at the end of March this year and I hope to bring the full story on that for you shortly after. It should be a good post with lots of pics maybe a video or two.

I have not been idle in the mean time, I have been reviewing lots of car cleaning and detailing products. All have been listed under the ‘Car Detailing Reviews’ menu at the top. Snow foam, glass cleaners, wheel cleaners, decontaminate, glue removers and more all under each manufacturer’s name. As you can see, the reviews are not done just in the Mustang, but also our daily drivers. Some reviews have been great, and there has even been the odd over rated product too. Remember all my reviews are independent and purchased with my own hard-earned cash.

Hopefully the post should be more regular now the show season is ready to roll.

I can’t wait. 👍🙂

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6 thoughts on “Bookings

  1. After I completed my Austin “Sunita” Special in 2005, I took it to 2 shows – winning ‘Best in Class’ at one of them. I’ve never done another show since. 14 years later, I still believe that there’s more fun in early Sunday morning ‘breakfast runs’ – each at least an 80 mile round-trip – than sitting in a field all day, praying it’s not going to rain (and sometimes having to pay for the privilege!)
    Mart, I couldn’t begin to approach the standard of your astonishing restoration, not to mention the priceless record of its progress you’ve shared with the world, but one cold, wet Sunday morning, you should fire her up and get down to the coast with us. You’ll be back home by midday – plenty of time to hose down and polish up – at which you’re also clearly expert 🙂
    All the best, Nigel.

    1. You know what Nigel I know you’re right. I’m not sure about about the wet day out though, a nice spring morning without the rain would be preferable 😂 we have spoken about meeting for to long now, since we first spoke at the NEC, so we must meet up.

  2. Hey Mart, we’re in the same boat: waiting for winter to end so that the car show season can begin. For us in the northeast U.S. the unofficial start of the car show season is Spring Carlisle (PA) in late April. Looking forward to your show reports.
    Best, Richard

    1. Thanks Richard, my little lady has been tucked up for 5 months before she gets to stretch her legs again. There isn’t a particular date that kind is it all off as such there have been a few breakfast meets over the last few weeks, trouble is the weather hasn’t been that great. But it wont be long now. 👍

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