Festival Of Wheels 2019

The weekend just gone was one of those weekends where everything clashes for car shows. There was the Festival of Wheels in Ipswich on both Saturday and Sunday. Then on the Sunday is perhaps my favourite car show Helmingham Hall. The decision was made a long time ago to split the shows over the two days. The weather was looking good, so I set off on the Saturday morning with plenty of time in hand to allow me at least one hour before the general public was allowed in at ten. I drove up to the gates and straight in, no fuss no hassle. I was directed to the reserved area for the Bury Retro Car Club, just like last year I was the first to arrive from the club.

About half an hour later, two other cars from the club parked in a different place leaving me on my own, no problems as that left plenty of space for me. This show is aimed at the family day out more so than a dedicated car show itself. Some of the cars were good and I took a selection of photos those that interested me.

This little picnic van was quite cool and towed by an old school lorry.

I found a supercar, but to be honest I was a little disappointed with the Mclaren’s interior. I’m sure it’s amazing to drive but even so, I would want a little bit more, or is it just me?

Choice of the Mclaren or something else? I would rather of had this old school Ferrari 328.

I’m not too sure what to make of this with the fake intake trumpets! Each to their own I guess.

There was an interior section where a few nice cars were on show including a couple of drag strip cars, one of which was a Bentley.

Right at the other end of the field area was a Land Rover assault course, which didn’t look that challenging for the vehicle’s prowess and monster truck with seats in the back for ten or so people for a ride.

Not a bad day out for the family, although the variation of cars wasn’t great. There was a section that was more like a Wal-Mart car park, which I didn’t bother taking photos of.  The simple reason was that there were cars with speakers bigger than their wheels and revving up to the max to make their exhausts pop and bang as much as possible. Giving the genuine car show enthusiast a bad name, which a little soap box of mine.

However, I enjoyed the day and met up with a mate of mine I wasn’t aware of he was going. We had a wander around to look at the stalls which again were not that car related to be honest, things like sweets, hats, summer dresses and toys. Helmingham Hall was in another league. That post will be up very shortly. 😃

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11 thoughts on “Festival Of Wheels 2019

  1. Looks great, super photos as usual thanks!!Some amazing vehicles for sure, that little Honda Cub looks new!! Thanks guys !!!!

  2. A lot of really cool cars. That souped up ambulance/hearse made me think of Harold and Maude. Did you see the movie? He made the coolest hearse out of that Jaguar XKE.

  3. Looked like a nice show. I must admit I share your feelings about the McLaren. The Ferrari was so cool. I had to laugh at the red Ram 1500 truck, as I had one just like it as my daily driver until October 2015. Now I have a Ram 2500. Never thought of it as “car show material”. Your car was looking great I see. I really loved your photos and the variety of the cars. Thanks for the fun post, and I am glad you had cooperate weather.

    1. Thanks Tim. Not bad selection if cars I must say. But there were people with 3 or 4 year old Audi TT or BMW ‘on show’. My next post(s) are even better for quality of cars.

      1. Oh wow! I am anxious to see the post. Still struggling with the ’72 Dart. I am having some cooling issues now that we have that 38°C heat. I am studying larger cooling fans, but am totally buried at work. No time at all to deal with the hobby. Oh well.

        1. We had a mini heatwave here a couple of weeks back for a few days, lots of normal daily drive cars were boiling over. I think I may split the next post into two parts to make it more manageable viewing. It was one of my favourite car shows of the year. The cars were plentiful, beautiful and varied. 👍

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