Run Of The Mill (Part 2)

Continuing from a couple of days ago this is the second part of the Kersey Mill car show 25th April 2021 . The rest of the cars from the show that I liked in no particular order.

A few cars were by the stream that fed the water mill

The rest of the cars from different zones, all mixed up made for a great day’s viewing.

This car got lots of attention, not sure if it was because of the condition or the owners overwhelming enthusiasm to enjoy his car, he said it was almost finished for a tribute project.

I sat back at my car and totally enjoyed my afternoon of people watching and took this, my 66 next to a real nice ’65.

Dogs of the Day;

I just snapped these as they walked by or I walked past them on my round of the show.

My favourite has to be this nine month old puppy, what a star this little guy will be.

I often see dogs at car shows, some with the owners cars, but most are with the general public. Should I make it a regular feature from a car show to show the dogs I see? I’m not sure, but they sort of look good at the end of post. Being a huge dog lover with two of our own I couldn’t help myself.

Don’t worry, I’m not turning into a cutesie wootsie blog, this blog will always be about cars. But I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a dog who wants a little attention.

Was my wife right to get me to take some dog pics, or should I not bother in the future? I’m happy to go with the flow of the majority. Please let me know with a little poll just for fun:

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19 thoughts on “Run Of The Mill (Part 2)

  1. Great post, and fantastic photos as always! As a former Isetta owner, seeing a RHD 3-wheel one is quite a rarity. Thanks as always for the great job you do.

  2. The Cobra has piqued my curiosity. You mention that is “tribute project” so I am curious if you know, this is a reproduction? As in fiberglass replica and not an original AC?

    If that is the case then I have to give them some credit for how well they’ve done in presenting it as a historical “survivor” rather than the usually gleaming chrome mid life crisis car I’m used to seeing. I feel like I could stare at that for some time and getting into the details. From your pics it feels very original.

    1. The bloke who owned the car was talking to some others looking at it, he said that he made it to look like that. I wasn’t aware that they made any right hand drive versions either. I’m not an expert and could be wrong. I will certainly give the man a big thumbs up, he has done a great job with it though.

  3. While the ‘cars are the stars’ and the big draw, it’s always nice to see the ‘other stuff’ at car shows, meaning the dogs people bring with them and of course the scenery of the venue. So I’m for the dog pictures.

  4. That’s was quite an event, such a range of vehicles. Of course, I like the green 1970 Mustang (351?) the most. Well, other than the blue one 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Peter, It was a surprise show to me being that good to be honest. Well organised and everybody was in such a good mood. Of course the blue one is best. 😉

  5. I personally thought the dog photos added a nice warm touch. The show looks like it was a blast. Everything is so green and fresh.

    My first little show will be next week – a cruise night. Thanks for the fun post. Your car is looking great.

    1. I was kinda hoping that the dogs would go down well on the blogs. Something a little different to look at. Good luck with your show and looking forward to pictures of your own.

      1. Thanks! I hope I get a few pictures. Honestly I am kind of freaked out about getting back in crowded circumstances. Stupid COVID has made us into hermits. 😂

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