It had to happen at some point!

Here I am sitting in front of the PC and I am updating the pages. I started to play around with the Poll pages. It grabbed my attention so I thought I would have a play around with it. As a result I have proudly added 2 polls that are just for fun. I reckon there could be more! 🙂

Any that you would like to see in particular?

The first and most importantly – What is the best car chase in a movie?

The second – What do you like most about Christmas?

The first poll about the car chases I intend to leave running for a while and the Christmas one, well its only a few days away now so it will go in the new year obviously. But it gives you plenty of time to vote. So hit those buttons and see if anybody agrees with you! The polls are just to the right under “Polls just for fun”. Enjoy.

I Can’t believe it – 3 updates in a weekend!

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One thought on “It had to happen at some point!

  1. 1. Car chase would have to be between James Bond in Las Vegas in Diamonds are Forever OR the chase in Ronin, which seems to go on forever.
    2. In no particular order…..seeing family and drinking.

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