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The Results Are In

At the end of my last post “Sweet & Sour part 2”, I asked for the my readers / followers view and response to my dilemma of the cheating allegations that I aimed squarely at Ted Brooke the owner of … Continue reading

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Open and Shut Case

A great weekend for weather and lots got done on the car. To start with I finished replacing the other door hinge pins and re-aligned the doors again. After that I adjusted the hand brake so it now works properly instead of … Continue reading

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Coming Home & Christmas Poll Results?

Things have been busy over the Christmas and the New Year holidays. Most of last week the garage has been emptied and space has been made to get my classic home. I have measured the space and it’s gonna be TIGHT. The … Continue reading

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New and improved poll!

I have on my other pages “Forums and Discussions” pictures of Mustangs throughout the decades. The page has had a bit of interest but not much in the way of comments so far. I was asked if I can add a poll instead of leaving a comment. … Continue reading

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It had to happen at some point!

Here I am sitting in front of the PC and I am updating the pages. I started to play around with the Poll pages. It grabbed my attention so I thought I would have a play around with it. As … Continue reading

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