Issues On Tap

This weekend has definitely not turned out how I expected it to that’s for sure. Saturday lunchtime was a good time as I wend to visit Adam at Mustang Maniac to catch up on the hot news from SEMA 2013 that he went to, I have seen some nice stuff he has bought some samples back of and I dare say he will post them in due course. I was given a nice new Scott Drake Catalogue by Adam and was going to enjoy reading that when I get home. But while I was on the way home the wife informs me that “the tap has gone”, like you mean it gone walkies? It turns out the replacement kitchen tap of the same design I replaced about a year ago is worse than the one it replaced that lasted four years. I knew the tap was leaking a little bit from the bottom, but when I got back there was a stream of water that was flowing around the back of the sink onto the work top only to be mopped up by a pile of wet towels and dish cloths. If any local law enforcement officers are reading this I was going quickly but all within the speed limit. The small leak had turned into big leak. First job turn the water off and open the tap to let out the pressure. The rest of Saturday afternoon was now spoken for, as I was now going to be spending time replacing a knackered kitchen tap. It goes without saying that I would need to re-plumb some connections as they were different to the existing fittings, why would I want it to be easy for me for a change? So I was not in the best of moods as I wanted sit down, read my  Drake Catalogue, after which I was going to start marking a few items off ready for my Christmas list. So the conclusion is that the little bleeder gremlin that had stolen my brake flaring die has now ventured into the house and causing me agro, because of this little herbert I have not managed to do what I wanted on the car today.

The job that I wanted to do most was treat the inside roof metal as I have no headliner at the moment. This would stop the rust and get ready for the paint shop. The other job is to clean up the inside panels that have bits of torn headliner stuck to them. That will now have to wait for next weekend now. Instead I have done a little tidying up under the hood on the Holley carburetor with the Gibbs Brand. It has taken some tarnish off and bought it back to nicer colour but still the shiny lustre is missing. Shall I or shan’t I repaint it? That is my new dilemma at the moment. There will be a large chrome pancake air filter that will sit on top of this 600cfm so you wont see much at all. Any ideas for now, leave it well alone till it breaks or do it now ready for that first day out?


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10 thoughts on “Issues On Tap

  1. Just leave it like that, its sexy, lol now i’m being serious, if you paint it won’t make it important is to make noise and run, right?

  2. Nice looking carb! Well, if it makes you feel any better, I spent most of Saturday doing a minor kitchen remodel after we decided to move the floral refrigerator and extent to top for extra work surface, and shelf space where the refrigerator was. That also involved building a new rack of cutting boards, figuring out an organizer for pot and pan lids, and putting up a new light under the cabinet where the the refrigerator was. Now my wife wants me to figure out a shade for the light strip because the lights shine in her eyes. I was going to process 4X5 negatives and other fun photo stuff, but the fun stuff got put off until today.

      1. I’m trying really hard to become a retired handyman, but my wife tells me I can’t retire. And if you familiar with the saying “She who must be obeyed!” You will understand why I continue to be a handyman.

        1. I know that saying. I wear the trousers in our house but only after she gets them out for me. Lol. I try to retire too but “if you can restore a car you can fix a tap”. I kinda struggle to answer that argument. 🙂

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