A Burning Question

Today I was in the man cave as I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do this week. One was to treat the back of the headlight doors and remove the stone chips from the front. The other job was to repair the old air filter pan that I had with the car. This particular does not fit my Holley 600cfm carburetor as I suspect it was for the original two barrel Autolite that came with the car. The air pan has been beaten up, dented, rusted up a bit and generally neglected. As I am not able to use it for myself I thought I could do it u, prepare it for sale to make a little extra money, well that’s the plan anyway. The trouble was there was so much old paint that I would need to remove it all and get down to basic bare metal and fill the dents etc. I used a product called POR-Strip, this is a product to remove old paintwork from the makers of POR15. As I rate their paint very highly and thought I would try this product out. It’s great stuff and I have done a review of the product under my consumable menu and also loaded a YouTube video of it as well. It’s not like watching paint dry but rather the opposite! Anyway, the point is that nowhere does it say wear gloves on the tin, it does say avoid contact with skin and eyes and now I know why, it burns like hell. Why didn’t they say wear gloves on the tin? It just amazes me that it’s not on there or wear goggles either. I have a few photo’s here but they are just of the stripper doing its job on the paint after I knocked the dents out. I will post more on the air filter pan work as I go along in the Photo Menu – Under the Hood – Air Filter Pan.

I did have a load of great titles I could have used for this post, but as this is a family rated blog I thought better of using them. Lets just say its a paint stripper, and I will let you think of the permutations possible for it. Not that any of them crossed my mind at all. After all, I do want Santa to call don’t I?

Quick Links:

The you tube video link for the review, click on the YouTube logo   

Photo Menu – Under The Hood – Air Filter Pan click here

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7 thoughts on “A Burning Question

  1. Another great blog, will be able to use your blog as a hints and tips!!!
    Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!!
    ps love the snow on the page – how do you do it!!!

    1. Hi guys, welcome back 🙂
      Thanks for the likes appreciated. The snow is a simple tick box under “settings – general” on your dashboard. Auto disabled in early January. As for hints and tips and car restoration it’s the same principle no matter if its Amercan Muscle or Classic British Sports car, I am all for sharing that’s for sure and I am quite certain I will get tips from you guys too.
      Have a great Xmas & New Year.

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