2 Responses to Taking Some Good Advice

  1. Debbie says:

    First of all…your New Year is off to a very productive start. There is so much intricacy in the finishing of the parts, bits and pieces if you will 🙂 Also, I have always found it quite amazing that you hold a full time job, bring care and attention to the little lady, and focus on the remaking of a classic. Keep up this steady pace as soon it will be gardening and fix-up time again. LOL. Much admiration from across the pond. Mustangs forever!

    • Hi ya Debbie, thanks for the lovely comment. It is difficult to juggle all the time about sometimes but somehow I manage it. I am lucky with the support from the Mustang Manic guys have have been nothing short of amazing. Gardening is to my cup of tea I I must say. Who knows after this little lady is running another project? That would be nice. Like you say Mustangs forever from the side of the pond too.

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