Social Media Reflections

I should start with my head held in shame for not posting for two months. I apologise and I know it’s a bad way to treat your followers and readers. To my own self defence though, there hasn’t really been much to do on the Mustang over the winter that I can write and tell you all about it. I would like to say a “Thank You” for the emails about the look of the new blog, they have been very positive to date and I appreciate all of your comments. In the mean time I haven’t t been sitting around doing nothing over these last couple of months, oh no. I have started to spread my wings or is it; drift my tyre smoke, into other areas of Social Media. Now I must admit I am not a great fan of Facebook and all the waste of time posts along the lines of “share this post if you have dark hair”, “share this post if you write with your right hand”, “so and so is playing ping-pong and wants you to send them the golden ball” or “I have just got up and I am eating my breakfast”, type of stuff. It drives me mad in fact so I tend to keep away from that side of it. But, I do realise that it’s an important tool to keep in contact that just can’t be ignored. My reflections on Social Media have now prompted me to jump in rather than dip my toes as it were. As a result in that thought logic I have started my Instagram account which can be found here, or cut and paste this link into your browser:   Search for “onemanandhismustang” if you want to find me that way on there.

If that wasn’t enough, I also started my Pinterest account which can be found here, or again cut and paste this link to your browser:  Search for user “onemanandhismus” if you want to find me that way on there too.

You will know the accounts are me because the Gravatar (Logo) badge I use is the Mustang Tribar on the blue background that matches my car.

The Instagram account should (in theory at least) allow me to post pics that I like from the car shows or other places that I attend, providing I have a signal of course. The Pinterest account on the other hand will be more of a save and share pics type of account, for all things Mustangs and the other female in my life, the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Please feel free to follow me on the accounts and I will follow you back, it’s only fair of course. Message me or do what you do on these platforms as I am a little new to it all at the moment.

In the mean time I have been making regular trips down to Mustang Maniac to see what has been going on down at the yard and enjoy the company of the guys while getting dirty and helping out where I can. Adam very kindly got me a surprise gift, he managed to track me down a rare almost mint condition 1966 Mustang Sales Brochure. I have scanned it as well as created a PDF document and shared it above in the menu “Articles/1966 Sales Brochure”, or click here for the hyper link. I have been after one of these brochures for a long time and this is the real deal and not a copy. I was so chuffed with it that I couldn’t speak for a while. Thinking about it – maybe that was the plan? Seriously though, it’s amazing and has now been stored away very carefully.

When the weather has been nice I have rolled out the Mustang out of the garage and given her a much needed clean to get rid of that pesky layer of dust on the paint job which is hiding under the dust cover. Why? Because I can and it’s a tenuous excuse to wax it again and see glorious reflections in my paint job. I also wanted to build up a nice few layers of wax as much as I can before the new car show season starts. Well that was my excuse and I’m sticking to it. A little while ago on the blog heading menus, I started a new section called “Car Detailing Reviews”. This is going to be used for the products that I use, or have used with my personal reviews on those products, which I have purchased with my own hard earned money. Some have been amazing while others not so. The recent additions that I have finally gotten around to writing up about are; Meguiar’s “Gold Class Carnauba Plus” wax, click here for that review. Here are a couple of pics to tease you a bit on that review.

I also have been looking for a good quality product for my Magnum 500 chrome wheels to keep them in tip top shape without damaging the polished surfaces. I found a product called “Mint Rims Wheel Wax” by Auto Finesse, click here for that review, with a couple of pics to get you going.

The wheel wax was on a special offer at the time, so I purchased another of the Auto Finesse range “Mercury Metal Polish”, for that review click here to see what I think of that product. A pic or two from the review.

Finally a question.

I have had a couple of requests to be a guest writer on my blog. Nothing wrong with that of course, and it could be good. But, when I responded back via email they didn’t want to give me any details and just wanted to post on my blog. Is it not courtesy to let the owner of the blog know what you are going to post about or not? I appreciate this blog has a limited appeal as it’s (mostly) about Mustangs, the last thing I want to do is have a post on the there about the latest Nike shoes or the benefits of whistling with one finger in your ear! Any thoughts on how this “guest blogger” process works? I would be grateful to know.

Hopefully my next post won’t be so long a wait!

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23 thoughts on “Social Media Reflections

  1. No need to apologize for taking a break. Welcome back. I will look you up on Instagram. That’s the only social media that I use.

  2. Hi Mart! Your car looks so dirty , gosh, what a good reflection of the ground. You got me puzzled with all your accounts! I guess i am the single one without an instagram account? 😊 nice to “see ” you

    1. I don’t have an instagram account either, or a facebook account or a twitter account or a snapchat account or a pinterest account or any popular social media account. When I apply for media passes the application forms ask for links to all the social media accounts, and all I can list are my photo blog and photo site. I feel a bit out of it, but so far I’ve always received media passes even though I don’t have all the socials.

      1. Yep, I draw the line at Snapchat as that doesn’t​ interest me at all. They are just for my Mustang stuff, nothing personal for me. Perhaps all the social media stuff will all get to much, perhaps I should give updates on how it goes along in a few months?

        1. I think the socials can be very useful for your Mustang. I don’t do facebook because I’m not going to agree to allow FB to own or have the rights to any of my images, writing, etc. I just simply don’t have time to deal with all the other social media stuff. It’s hard enough to keep up with a blog.

          If you want to see a dirty car, you should see my RX-8, it’s filthy. We’ve been getting the dust storms mixed with just enough rain to make mud drops that stick all over the cars. I also live on a dirt road, so even after I wash it, my car is dusty by the time I get home.

          1. Totally agree, i don’t like the way Facebook has control over everything. I refuse to use the Facebook app itself or webpage, i use an alternative on Android called “Fast for Facebook” which doesn’t take over your operating system either. As for your dirty car that would play havoc with my car cleaning OCD.

            1. Clean Car OCD does not go well in the dry and dusty high desert southwest.

    2. Hey Dana, oh no, my car is dirty! Did I miss a bit? Best I go clean her again 😂 Yep that’s good enough excuse. The reason for the accounts is that everybody talks about them so I thought I would try it. If I don’t​ like it they will fizzle out. I will have more than enough on my plate with these accounts like you say.

  3. BTW, I almost forgot. I really like the new blog format. It’s much easier on the eyes.

  4. I agree with Customs-N-Classics 100%. A guess author on your blog needs to write about things related to Mustangs. I for one have never had a guest blogger. I will post photos taken by my wife or daughter, but I see no reason for anyone to be a guest on my blog. I know I’m a mean, grumpy old man (I’m the new “grumpy old man” at the office since the original grumpy old man retired last year). I think I mentioned to you some time ago, that I would simply make up a character to represent your Mustang, and post blogs by the Mustang about all the things it’s thinking about while sitting in the garage over the winter, the shows it wants to be in, the product it wants to use to make it shine, etc. Then you could be posting blogs between events and during the gloomy winter months if you wanted to keep more of a presence in the blogosphere. But since you have a very specific blog about your Mustang, a couple months off is certainly understandable.

    1. Hi Timothy, Thanks for the advice about the guest and ways to keep writing. Certainly a different angle from what i normally come at it. I will have to give that a try. As for the guest i think the general consensus from the look of my inbox is “Don’t do it” unless you know the guest well with a common interest. So i think my question has been answered well and truly. I wonder if i will get the honours of being the grumpy old man when our team of grumpy old men retire? 😂

      1. And we all sing “Go grumpy go grumpy go grumpy go”! If you have a “shiny red super stocked Dodge” even better.

  5. Ok, so, as a fellow blogger, who has 1 guest author, this is my take. (By the way, glad your writing again!)

    Your question hit a nerve when I read it. A guest author, is just that, a guest. He/she is a guest in your house. (Your blog that you have worked hard to get where it is.) You wouldn’t allow a guest in your house without knowing why they were there, I assume, so, why would you let someone in your blog house without knowing what they will write about?

    If I where to guest author in your site, I would expect that you would want me to write about Mustangs, possibly some product reviews, or tool reviews, that are car generic and possibly, my experiences at a UK car show. (Just picking a few here). This is what they should be doing, giving you some ideas, you give feedback as to whether or not they match where you want your site to go.

    I would first, let you know what I would want to post, as your guest. I sure wouldn’t want to post an article about how great Camaros are on your blog, but, I could go in depth on the similarities and differences of the ’67 Mustang and the ’67 Camaro.

    Basically, if they cannot let you know some idea of what they wish to write about, they don’t know your audience and could hurt your following.

    Of course, this is just my opinion.

    Now, as far as not writing for 2 months, well, I, for one, forgive you!

    Have fun with the wax.

    1. Hi, thanks for the response and it clears things up quite a bit, I’m so pleased that my initial gut feelings are not as selfish as I thought. With your analogy you put forward, i like that and I agree. I suspect they being the not now guest bloggers are spam type people wanting to write garbage just to get their name out there perhaps. It does fee good to be back writing again, although I sort of forgotten just how long a post can take. Looking forward to the car shows again, where i can buy even more wax, not that i need anymore! 😀

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