Fantastic American Autowire review is here

At long last I have uploaded my review of the fantastic American Autowire 64 – 66 Mustang Classic Update wiring kit. Click here or go to the parts review button.

I have tried to keep the review factual, and explain my pretty good experience with the kit itself,  along with the brilliant after sales service that went above and beyond anything I had experienced at the time. If you are thinking of rewiring you classic this is worth the read and see if you agree.

This weekend I hope to add another book review along with some more pictures of my Autowire close up installation work.

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Fender Pictures and Tool Review

Today I have finished the inside of the left hand fender and treated it with the POR15 Rust Prevention system. Go to the button for pics or click here. You will be able to see the difference very easily. The inside being ready is just the first part of the process for the fender, I will have to fit it to the car and line it all up with the door etc. I will apply some POR15 underseal as well just to go over the top and be safe and add that final layer of protection, at the time of writing this I don’t have any but I will soon! Once that is done I will then start the process on the outside to remove any minor lumps and bumps and treat the small area of surface rust at the very bottom of the fender on the outside. The advantage here is that I will be able to cover it with the running strip that was originally on the car.

Secondly I have added a tool review for a pair of wire strippers. There was a hard lesson learned here when I bought my first set of wire strippers. Have a read and find out why. Go to the button for the review or click here.

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More pics added and another book review

Another update to the blog, I have added the wiring photos of the car when I got it. When you see the photos you will understand why it was not running. Go to the button for the pics or click here. I knew how it was when I bought the car, but when you look at the other parts under the dash I didn’t quite realise what an epic journey I was about to undertake. American Autowire was the way to go over the Painless wire kit. I will review the American Autowire kit soon and explain why them. I have added a personal favourite of mine in the book review section and find out why I like it so much.

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