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First Time Videos

During some routine maintenance on my PC where I back up my files, then move them to relevant folders etc. I came across an old video that I thought I had lost. So I decided that I would share that video and … Continue reading

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Took my crimping tools away with me!

Why did you take the tools with you? Did I hear you ask, OK perhaps you didn’t then! Anyway, I had been working away for a couple of days and stayed in a great hotel. As I was on my own (Billy no mates), … Continue reading

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Revised Site

Can you tell I have been sitting here trying to make the site look a little better? I have been asked if the site would look better in a darker theme. I looked into it and agreed. I have changed … Continue reading

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More pics added and another book review

Another update to the blog, I have added the wiring photos of the car when I got it. When you see the photos you will understand why it was not running. Go to the button for the pics or click here. I knew … Continue reading

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Picture requests

Due to popular demand (OK, it was only a couple), I have uploaded a few more pictures of the day the Coupe arrived. Go to the button for the pics or click here. It was on the back of a low loader and … Continue reading

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