A Sticky Situation

Looking for things to do and decided that it was time for a little update again. A few posts ago around Christmas 2020 I replaced my chrome 40,000v coil to a black version. The reason then was that I had erratic starting issues and decided to change the coil just for the sake of it to see if it helped. It didn’t and the coil turned out to be fine and is now a spare just in case.

The original look was a chrome coil with the original Ford coil clamp in black.

On the coil was the Ford sticker to say what it was and add a little bit of authenticity.

I went to visit Mustang Maniac for a replacement as the pics above. I tried to peal the old label off and reuse it. But it rolled up like a toilet roll and just wouldn’t stick again.

I started to undo the clamp for the coil and lifted out the coil.

The old bolt was fine, but as my new bracket is chrome I wanted to polish the bolt with the Dremel, some nylon brush wheel and some final metal polish.

The supplied clamp was a screw head with a nice zinc finish.

My old bolt was a chrome Allen headed style and would look better.

The polished result was quite good and looked better than zinc and chrome. The new bracket was a direct replacement for the old one and bolted straight in.

The coil just drops back in and and then you can tighten the thin clamp bolt to hold it still, and then the single bolt for the bracket to the engine.

The new look is black and chrome, the old style was chrome and black.

The new sticker just needed to aligned up properly and then stuck on.

So the silvery coloured text on the black finish is more visible than the former silvery lettering on chrome.

Although the old bracket was restored and looked OK, I can’t bring myself to chuck it out now. Yes it’s old, it’s worth nothing, it’s the original, it’s pitted and not ageing very well.

The bracket will now be stored with the other old parts that have been replaced, either at the time since then. Will the chrome bracket last fifty five years like the old one? Of course it won’t, but I like the new look of black and chrome.

Bring on the car shows. We need the fresh air and to get out and about.

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9 thoughts on “A Sticky Situation

  1. I hope that you get to a car show soon, with it being an outdoors event can you do them again now? By the way this is all very impressive I need to replace my door strip into the bathroom and that’s too much trouble.

    1. Hi Charlotte, thanks for the comments. Hopefully I will be at shows this weekend Saturday and Sunday. Social distancing of course. The weather needs to hold out so fingers crossed. I just need to people watch and get fresh air for the day. If the show is any good I will put up a post about it too. 🤞

      1. Fingers crossed for you they say this weekend will be warm i think. I know what you mean I’m starting to go stir crazy and when I went to Borough Market to meet a friend outdoors last weekend it was too busy for us, we looked at each other and both said “let’s go”, we walked around the park instead. Look forward to your people watching pics.

  2. I like how you detail your work here; you’ve inspired me. So, I’ve prepared a post of my own that I’ll soon publish, and I have a couple of other ideas too. Of course, they’re nothing as detailed or as accomplished as you have here. Everything I do is more tinkering and simple add-ons, but hopefully, someone will find them helpful.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the sticker though it makes me jealous lol I have a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix, and I refurbished my stock air cleaner housing, having to remove the little “keep your GM car all GM” decal. Wouldn’t you know, I cannot find a reproduction decal with the correct 2-letter code for my 2-bbl carbed engine.
    Then again, I could get a 4-bbl carb sticker and that would mean I’d be bound to swap my intake, right? lol

    1. Hi Mark, I hear you. If you can’t get the 2bbl option sticker then you need a 4bbl engine swap out I’m afraid! Seriously tho, a while back I posted about the company history of Krooklok and wanted the matching first gen sticker for the very early lock I have. Nobody had one obviously. I eventually found a picture of it, I downloaded it where I put it into Photoshop cropped it and colour corrected it. I then sent the measurements and colour scheme to a car signwriter and with their software they recreated it for me as a perfect copy. It only cost me £15 in total for 3 stickers for inside the glass.
      Perhaps you could take a picture of your sticker clean it up in Photoshop and send it to somebody who could do the same for you? Get a few done and sell some to pay for your own.
      Us mustang owners are spoilt for parts and choice I must admit.
      Let me know how it goes?

      1. Truth is I just haven’t got around to it… I am a graphic artist and have worked in print for a quarter century. I really should just do it…

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