Helmingham Hall (part 2)

As I mentioned yesterday, the club stand and VIP area of the show was covered and now it was time to move to the privateer field which was crammed full with some amazing cars. there was a a couple of commercial stands there with the likes of John Grose (Ford) and another second-hand car sales. There was a brass band and long queues for every ice cream van and cold drinks stall you could see. This is just the bottom few rows of cars. It was busy and getting hotter by the minute.

We started at the top of the field and zig-zagged our way through the lines to the bottom.

I put the Mustangs together from this field, including one that has a similar colour to mine that has lots more chrome under the hood.

Perhaps my favourite car from the show is this Aston Martin Vantage, just stunning.

The oddity of the show was this amphibious vehicle and mini boat!

There were some Super cars there I have batched together;

After a long time walking around, hot and hungry we made our way back to the stand for some refreshments.

We left at around three in the afternoon an hour or so before the show closes and we could miss the traffic. There was number of other people thinkin’ as we did and we still had a few minutes queue to get out. Craig was taking videos at various points and I compiled a them together to a single video. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Thanks to the SXOC for letting us park on their stand and to Craig for the company, amusing comments (one of which was in the video), this video footage and pics! Another great car show with no rain.

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4 thoughts on “Helmingham Hall (part 2)

  1. Thanks Tim. The photo editing takes the longest of all. I don’t post all the pics, I tend to post around two thirds of what I take, people in the way, bits chopped of cars, wrong angles etc. I think without the tent that the guys had I would have left early, it was hot and this side of the point we are used to rain, not sun. We are now talking about hose pipe bans and draught. If it rains to much we get floods. I will take the sun any day.

  2. Again the collection of cars is incredible. So many US cars, and of course things we never see over here. I really think we are a notch or two down from you all in our shows – at least the ones I get to see and attend.

    You must have spent an incredible amount of time putting together all of these wonderful photos.

    The show looked like it was quite hot. I have been following your heat waves. The same over here. I haven’t been to a show since June. My enthusiasm is down. Sitting in 40°C + heat just takes the fun out.

    Anyway, thanks for the wonderful posts.

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