Gettin’ A Grillin’

The weekend arrived and the anticipation of what awaited me at Mustang Maniac was almost too much to bear. Last week was the dash pad and trunk this week unknown. The first plan of action was the trunk which needed re-gapping. Yogi was at the yard working on a car in the panel shop that needed some welding and a floor. I managed to grab Yogi to show me how the final alignment of the trunk is done. He asked for the half inch socket and ratchet and said undo the two bolts that hold the trunk lid on my side. He did likewise, but he put a tiny pinch on his side after he pushed and pulled it a bit, then done similar my side. He lowered the lid and spot on first time. We tightened the bolts fully and the trunk looks fine again. The only difference this time was that the trunk is sitting slightly proud of the rear quarters. The new rubber seal will need to bed down and the trunk will seat back down correctly again. He made it look so easy! Yogi asked me what I was up to and said I didn’t know as Adam was on a guided tour of the yard and cars with some customers. I said I would like to get the front wings sorted so I could get on with the front end. The half hour that he intended to spend with me lasted the best part of three hours of his own time. Thanks for that Yogi. I learned that the alignment is fine until you put the last few bolts in and it pulls the fender the wrong way. So we had to make adjustments, bend a couple of bits back in place and re-hang the right hand wing. The fenders will need splash guards fitted too, but I didn’t get round to those as the aerial had to be fitted first. The aerial hole in the wing is smaller than the standard Mustang one. I am a little paranoid about leaving the aerial up and some scrotum coming along and bending it over. So I went for a fully retractable version. This will help with the car cover when in storage. Trouble is that the base is not as big and in your face as the original aerial bases. It’s something I can change at a later date though.

My own job to start with after all the gap work was the plenum. This involves in assuming the “Mustang” position, on your back shoulders twisted forty-five degrees, both arms in front of you, head is supported by the T-shift gear selector that fits nicely in your left ear! Yoga experts need to come and watch the way mechanics have to contort their spines in order to see what is going on under these dash areas. The plastic plenum slips over the metal heater fan box and is held in place by four tiny self tap bolts. Easier said than done as the fire wall padding covers the space where the back bolts should go.


The two diffuser outlets at the top have a hose that goes up to the windscreen diffusers that was clipped into the dash last week. These replacement hoses are clever in that they have a clip that snaps shut around the openings.

The hoses have to be kept away from the wiper arms. The hoses are tight on the left side up to the dash, but fine on the right hand side.

The fitting of the plenum took a stupid amount of time to fit, mainly because it all done by feel as you can’t get your head in there to see. But once fitted they look quite good. plenum8

Back to the outside now and Adam came down with an arm full of goodies for me. New front grill, front trim and fittings. The grill was a major part I wanted to get on. I worked out that the grill has to be slid into place behind a light bucket then worked carefully around to the centre as the grill sits behind the light fittings. I did it and was quite pleased with myself, up until the point when Adam said I am better of getting the Corral in place first. Dohhhh, I had to take it all back out again. The work requires two hands and concentration not to drag the grill across the paint work. Thus there was not much in the way of photos for the fitting process I’m afraid, there are a few after though of the end result.

There are two visible bolts on the top that hold the centre and hood catch, at the bottom there are four self tap screws that go into the trim. A long extension screw driver with a bolt driver is best her with the magnetic holder making things so easy. The Corral itself has been through the wars, it’s a little tarnished but almost as good as the replacements. But, I wanted something very original from the old car, and there is nothing more original than the identity of car, the Mustang Pony in Corral. I might replace it at a later date I’m not sure yet. For now this is a cross over link between the two cars. Bad choice to keep the old or get a new one? The old one certainly doesn’t look out of place.


Something missing? Yep the wheels. They were taken of to make it easier to align the fenders gaps up. Here is a clue what I could be doing next week. It could doing the front bumper, or it could be something else, I never really know till I get there.


All this doesn’t look much as so much time was done on the smaller adjustments to make it look right. But, I have taken some fancy art shots of the corral, just to make me feel better.

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Blowing Hot & Cold

Weekend has arrived and with it a nice dose of sunshine, along with it came the pollen and misery. Hay fever is something I have learned to live with for years now. I love the countryside and the flowers, unfortunately they don’t love me. I had a nice trip to Mustang Maniac with the aircon on full blast trying to keep cool and giving myself the metal bubble sanctuary from the pollen. I arrived to see a fairly empty yard and Adam moving a couple of cars around. Holiday season for them and they still managed to finish a couple of cars. I have seen a car down there that was “restored” by another specialist Mustang restorer and it was being sorted out properly by guys. I got changed and Adam gave me my list of jobs to do on my little lady. It was a final tidy up and rust removal, then out with the paint brush for the Red Oxide again. I have left some spaces where there needs to be a little bit of welding to be done.

There was also the issue of the body filler that was there from a couple of weeks ago too. I still had my Dewalt dual action sander (review here), with me and used that to take it down to flat and almost smooth with the 100grit disc. I left it a little rough on purpose in order to give the paint a good key to stick too. It looks pretty good around the tunnel area now I must say.

Sunday was lazy day as I was having feeling sorry for myself with the hay fever thing – did I mention that? Sympathy vote being looked for here by the way. Seriously I decided to clean the heater controls from the car that blow the hot and cold about the car and demist the screen. The chrome was pretty poor looking and the cables not working very well. I took the whole thing apart and cleaned it while sitting in the garden subjecting myself to more pollen. The lever mechanism was degreased and all the chrome was polished. The only thing there was an issue with was the grub screws that tiny that hold the knobs on the from of the levers that allow you to remove the chrome plate. All were fine except one that was tight and I didn’t want to round the grub screw off. I cleaned the grub out with a needle that allowed the Allen key to fit all the way in and it cracked free. The results are pretty good I must say. I have posted the full walk-through process here or click on the quick link at the bottom.

The before shots of the controller looking worse for 48 years of grime.

After the clean up all looked pretty good.

Quick Links:

Tools review – Dewalt Randon Orbital Sander D26453 or click here for the hyper link

Photo Menu – Inside the Car – Heater Controller Recondition or click here for the hyper link

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A little R & R

The weekend is almost over and that is the last Bank Holiday before Christmas I am sad to say, an extra day for a weekend now and again makes all the difference.

Rest. A little bit of relaxing was the order of the weekend. There was a little shopping Saturday and me pottering around in the man cave rearranging my tool chest and just trying to make it a working space again instead of my cave becoming a storage area for garden tools and rubber boots. Sunday was a day out with the wife at a big hall near us, each year they wear period costumes with role play for the Tudor era. All the characters were brilliant, sewing, weaving, making felt, cooking, archery, hand making wooden beams for a roof etc. I tried my hardest to break their characters into the modern-day English, they weren’t having none of it, instead I was greeted with things like “Master, I know not this word”, Did they really speak like that? My wife reliably informs me they did.

The car, today was all about the other “R”, Rust. I pushed the car out the garage on such a nice day and pulled the carpets up, pulled the old sound proofing out and cleaned the floor pan. The was a little light surface rust on the bulk head so I decided to treat that little bit, then another little bit, before I knew it I had gone back to the seat mounts with the anti-rust agent. It was not bad at all, just a few little surface patches here and there. The replacement floor pan still looked like new. I also replaced my original plenum today and put new pipes in too for the demister. The old plenum had an issue with the flap not working properly inside to divert the air around, but I was going to put up with it. That was until I moved the lever and the flap inside made a cracking noise and nothing moved, the air direction plate had broke off completely. I got a replacement from Mustang Maniac of course and it’s now a much stronger version. A bit of a pain job to get in and out, but worth the hassle. Nothing looks any different in the car apart from being dark patches where the rust used to be. With that in mind the photo’s I took you couldn’t see the difference, so I didn’t post any today.

But, to make up for it I was sent this little funny via Twitter, it did make made me laugh and I shared it with the wife. My better half just gave me “That” look again. But I have just got to share it!

decision made

I have had a request for the blog layout, I was asked to do a little something with the menus of mine. I thought they looked OK, but I will move them about and make them a little more user-friendly. Let me know if they are any better or go back to how it was.

(Thanks for the feedback Sam.)

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Snowed in (again)

Losing valuable Mustang time.

Another weekend with rubbish weather. It’s snowing pretty hard today so there is no way I was going to get to do any thing either on the car or in the man cave. I wanted to get that wheel off and get the slow puncture fixed. I could push her out to get access to the wheel, the problem would be trying to push her back in again in the snow. One false slip and the trunk would have a new rear spoiler in the shape of my two front teeth. Not good!

I did get out to the man cave for a little while to have a tidy up again. I decided to have a rearrangement of my tool chest with the new tools I got for Christmas. They all have a new home now and lined up like soldiers. Am I the only sad person that does this to make their tool box nice and neat, or do I need help? While in my man cave I noticed some birds looking for food and not having much luck. I must admit I tend to spoil my little feathered friends, I do an extra slice of toast in the mornings and break it up for them if I have toast before I go to work. Given the choice of plain bread or toasted, the toasted bits always goes first. As it was so cold I came in and done a couple of slices of toast, broke it up and put it on the bird table for them. It soon went, I do worry about them, as we have this little understanding, I feed them and they don’t try and use my cars for the local avian cesspit, sometimes they breach this understanding, so the next day they go hungry, they know the rules!

As I couldn’t do much I decided to finish up my heater plenum work write-up. I had taken some photos but that was before I decided that I was going to do this blog. The pictures still shows what a bad way it was in and then the finished results. You can see the process and why I had to do it all under the “Photos, Heater Core Issues & Repairs” or click here for a quick link. There is also a mini review in there for the heater case seal kit.

Lets hope the weather improves so I can get out there and do some worthwhile work on my car again. If I hadn’t of got my Coupe in the garage when I did it may have looked something like this!


The fact I have posted for the third time this weekend shows just how frustrated I am, in an automotive way of course.

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