A Day In The Bay; The Video

Continuing on from my last post where I had visited Meguiar’s for their ‘Day In The Bay’ series. I have now been given access to all the pictures that Meguiar’s took on the day, but more importantly the video of the whole process is now also on YouTube, all eighteen minutes of it. Here are some great photo’s of the car from the day, and after avoiding being in any photos for seven years of my blogging, there is even a couple of pics of me in there, (I’m the one with the shaved head and a plain navy t-shirt). I have selected some of my favourites photos from the day, most of which are obviously the ones where I’m not in them. Rather than repeat myself with a write up again, this post is basically pictures, I hope that’s OK.

The link for the video of my car in the bay, is now on Meguiar’s YouTube channel here or watch it below.

The Washing & Drying

Into the Bay

Then it was time watch and learn how to machine polish the paint properly. There was some tiny swirls that needed a little correction first with some compound, before we got to the waxing stage.

Then I got to have a go with the machines.



The Final Results

With the outside completed we moved to the inside cleaning and protecting the seats.

Outside for the finished photo shoot.

Perhaps my favourite photo of the day!

I hope you like the pictures and more to the point the video, as much as I enjoyed the day. It’s funny though, I still can’t believe that I am going to show them. So, if you are going to leave comments, be gentle with this fifty something, grey haired old bloke! 😉

Remember: This is not a sponsored post by Meguiar’s nor an advert for them. I did by some products while I was there and will be reviewing them soon. Check out my ‘Car Detailing Reviews’ menu for the latest updates.

The car show season is nearly underway for this year, and I’m looking forward to a few shows this year. But, as the calendar dates pan out, there are a few shows on the same day which is rather annoying to say the least. So I will have to be selective with which ones I attend instead of going to them all.

About One man and his Mustang

I'm just a man with a Classic 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe and an ever increasing collection of car detailing products to keep it clean. When I first started this blog this is what I wrote: "I had bought a project car that had been neglected, set fire to, rusted and abused. As a result of all that the car needed a bare metal strip down, a nut and bolt restoration." Four and a half years later the car was completed, on the road and shown at the UK's premier Classic Car Show, everything that was done to that car is documented here. I now have the privilege to drive one of America's most recognised cars and a true Icon, the Ford Mustang. I'm still sane after the blood, sweat and tears, so would I do it again? Oh yes!
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13 Responses to A Day In The Bay; The Video

  1. Simon says:

    I wash mine with bucket and hose in about 30 minutes, I never knew you could spend so much time money and effort just washing!!! But yours is well worth the effort!!!

    • It’s a slippery slope once you start the car detailing game. I have actually spend 6 hours cleaning that car, but that was the full works treatment. My other cars get 2hrs max each. 😃

  2. Eva O'Brien says:

    It’s a gorgeous looking car, and was interesting to see the whole cleaning process from start to finish. Amazing work and it looks absolutely fab.

  3. Simon says:

    Stunning car and finish well done, great vid too and I learned alot. My old banger is 10 years old and lives in the city so she is truly battle scarred, would be lovely to be able to keep her as lovely as yours!!!! Thanks.

    • Thanks Simon. I would be to scared to leave it in a town. I dont park it anywhere that I cant see it at all times. Sometimes I worry so much it takes the fun out of it.

      • Simon says:

        Mmmmm I agree, My old 2008 A5 3200 FSI is worth only about 10k Euro so I am never worried to leave her on the street!!! Some advantages eh????

  4. Ian says:

    As always Mart…..Stunning

  5. Dana S. Hugh says:

    Brand new car, Mart! Just came out of the production…Dazzling beautiful!

    • Thank you Dana. A shame to drive it and get her dirty. I was so pleased with how it came out. Not so sure about my video appearance. I was intent on listening to what was being said I never noticed the camera on me. 😖

  6. RichardReina says:

    The car looks freshly painted! Great job by all.

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