Mustang Owners Manual

Original Ford Mustang 1966 Owners Manual

What is usually the one thing that is missing when buy a vintage or classic car? Original paperwork! Over the last few weeks I have been collating the pages of my original ’66 Mustang Owners Manual that I was lucky enough to get with the car. I have now finished converted my slightly grubby manual into a PDF document to share with anybody who is interested. For owners of these classic cars it’s a bible on specifications, original part numbers, service guides and tips. For those interested in memorabilia it’s an opportunity to read what ford had to say about their car that was to become a legend. I honestly hope this is of some use to somebody out there, please let me know if you do find it useful. I am pleased with the scan quality as the inside is in very good condition considering its age, but the pages are quite thin and are a bit delicate now. The PDF is around 6mb, so it may take a short while to download onto the screen depending on your internet speed. The size of the original manual is 210mm x 100mm. Enjoy 🙂

Click on the picture for the manual.


I have also added the PDF to my Articles menu under 1966 Mustang Owners Manual. I wonder how man of these are still out there? Does anybody know?

Quick Link:

1966 Mustang Owners Manual click here

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Dual Master Cylinder Project

I worked a long day on the car over the weekend and I managed to complete a project that I wasn’t planning on. My original master cylinder produced a leak during the bleeding process. So to cut a long story short I upgraded to a Duel Master Cylinder System. Ok, my car is not concours original anymore, but I intend to drive and enjoy it not just show it, clean it and be unable to enjoy it because of the spec of dust on the exhaust. It has taken me most of the evening to write-up the process and pictures, but I am pleased with the results and wanted to share it as promised in my previous post. I have now posted the project under Photos – Engine bay – Dual Master Cylinder Upgrade, or click here for the quick link. This is no ordinary upgrade though, this kit includes a rear proportioning valve, built-in rear pressure valve and an inline pressure valve for the front brakes. Disc brake ready!

Next weekend I hope to bleed the brakes or at least try again.

The only side effect to my long day on the car was I felt like I had my legs run over by a bus. All that stretching and leaning over the fender took its toll on my hamstrings. Is it that I am getting old or should I have done some stretching exercises first? Yeah, like I wouldn’t look like a doughnut doing exercises in my garage to change a master cylinder! Us blokes don’t do that sort of thing, but I might just do that behind closed doors next time. 🙂


The recent bad weather has been doing wonders for the Rust test that I am still performing. The comparison is between the Granville Rust Cure and the FE-123.  I will continue to run the experiment a while longer then I will post some pictures and results so far. I intend to do a long-term test and keep coming back to it with updates.

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Dilemma time

Any thoughts?

Saturday, and its Mustang time. Not sure what to do, I may start to lightly rub down the undercoat on the bumper guard then take out the brake booster to do that again as its tarnished due to the terrible weather.

Dilemma, do you paint a classic Mustang back to its original powder blue colour, or do I go for a nice classic black, maybe white? I like the idea of aqua and white interior, pics on the forum pages if you want you want to have a look. I like the idea of original colour but I also love the idea of black and chrome. The car is nowhere near ready for paint, but I can’t help thinking about it.

Please leave me a comment on what you think. I will post later this weekend what I have been up to on my car.

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Revised Site

Can you tell I have been sitting here trying to make the site look a little better? I have been asked if the site would look better in a darker theme. I looked into it and agreed. I have changed the header, the title a little and added rating stars. Let me know if it should stay or go back. The public is to decide this one. The other advantage of a darker theme is that on a mobile not having to show the lighter colours wont take up as much battery juice. Thinking of my followers all the time!

I have also added some more pictures to the “Day the Coupe arrived” set of photos. Go to the button or click here. The extra photos are of the trunk where stuff was just thrown in there. You can see the original wiring how it was found by me. Go to the button or click here.

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